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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 9, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. and a decades old spat at a local fairgrounds. good evening it's tuesday october 9, i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. so who says it's all over? just about half an hour ago the san francisco giant's step back from the brink of elimination tonight with a thrilling win over the cincinnati reds in game three of their divisional series. the game went to the 9th inning tied 1-1. buster posey scores from third base. sergio romo came in at the bottom of the tenth and shut down the reds to preserve a 2-2-
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1 victory. that reenergized giant's fans many of whom descended to sports bars across the area to watch the game. there's a lot to be hopeful for right now lorane b lanco has the story. >> reporter: just a few fans stuck around to celebrate and have a drink. it's a sill quiet right now but just a little while ago when the giants won there was a fan explosion. giant's fans knew this game was do or die being the best of five scenario. so the atmosphere was very tense. people were literally shaking here at pete's tavern. when the reds got their last out fans slipped out for one recently engaged couple it was almost tragic. one a reds fan, the other a
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giant's fan. >> so you can sleep in bed tonight. >> we were just talking about that. give it up to the stats. we got the hits when it mattered. we didn't bunt. it was a huge bunt by belt and still got it through. >> i've been a fan for my whole life and they deserve it. finally this year we're playing like we're going to win it and i'm hoping for battle of the best. >> reporter: so it's pretty chill in here at pete's tavern right here across from at&t park. tomorrow the game is at seven, so you can imagine it's going to be pretty busy with fans hoping the giant's can stay in. it's a home game for the a's and fans poured into the stadium late this afternoon. hoping to see their team stay alive in the division play off series. the future of embattled sheriff
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ross mirkarimi hangs in the balance as san francisco board of supervisors vote on whether to suspend him. christien kafton is outside of the hall of justice. >> reporter: now the board of supervisors took a lunch break about 15 minutes or they should be reconvening just about now. there were still dozens of people lined up to tell the board of supervisors whether or not they wanted them to suspend the sheriff. ross mirkarimi went into today's hearing hoping for the best. >> we have to be optimistic, this is what got us here all along. we're talking about a system and a process and i think excessive use of authority and power. >> reporter: mirkarimi's attorney stressed to the board of supervisors that the mayor took extraordinary steps in suspending the sheriff. >> this is the first time a major has asserted the unprecedented authority to suspend from office a
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democratly elected official based on nothing more than a misdemeanor. >> reporter: the december 31st argument where mirkarimi bruised his wife's arm was an assault. >> family violence is an epidemic in this city and in this country. it's serious because it truly harms families. >> reporter: immediately after both sides made their cases hundreds of speakers lined up. the majority of them voicing their support for mirkarimi. >> i hope that you reinstate ross to the job. >> reporter: now the supervisors have to reach a supermajority of nine out of 11 to remove mirkarimi. that rule could come hours from now. we will have team coverage for you on this tonight at 10:00 on channel 2. for now we're live in san francisco christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can also stay current by going to for more on the ross mirkarimi hearing. for more look on the tab we
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posted there on our top page. prosecutors made public a report finding that a police officer was justified when he shot and killed 19-year-old blufford. the 18 page report says both video evidence and witnesses confirm blufford was armed with a semi automatic pistol that he pointed at officer maso. it also says that blufford continued to point the gun at the officers after he was wounded. with a flash and a roar, authorities in napa county today blew up almost 100 canisters filled with explosive ether. the the ether turned up yesterday at a hazardous material collection. it was part of a stash of hospital disaster supplies from the 1950s. fire officials decided the canisters were unsafe to move
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and the only way to deal with them was to surround the canisters with sandbags then explode them. ktvu's captured a dramatic rescue at san francisco's pier 31 this afternoon. a rescue team from the marine mammal moved in to capture a sea lion. they said they had to shoot the creature with a mouth sedative in order to bring it to shore safely. the sea lion was then taken to the marine center to remove the device around his neck. a second sea lion was scared away. crews are hoping it will return so they can help that one as well. mitt romney and obama campaigned in swing states. president obama took a jab at
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what they say the way he says the republican was trying to deal with taxes. >> governor romney decided that instead of changing his plan he decided to act like it didn't exist. pay no attention to that tax cut under the carpet. behind the curtain. >> reporter: the president spoke at a ohio state university urging students to register to vote in the upcoming election. mr.obama landed in ohio after a fund raising stop here in california. >> his focus was on fund raising. his campaign is on track to raise $1 billion. the first for any candidate in the united states. >> people have been waiting a long time for a farm bill. and the president has to exert the kind of presidential
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leadership it takes to get the house and the senate actually pass a farm bill. >> mitt romney campaigned in iowa. both candidates are expected to take time off over the weekend before the second presidential debate. president clinton campaigned for two democratic candidates. >> we have on the stage four people that believe for many different reasons that a country of we're all in this together works way better than a country of you're on your own. >> reporter: mr. clinton was in northern california to boost support for john gerimendi and
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mcnerney. who is also gearing votes for hernandez. in some parts of our state people are already casting early ballots. if you're interested on voting by mail applications can be submitted through october 30th. if you still need to register the deadline to do so is october 22nd. details of the plan were outlined today at a conference. the plan includes setting aside $1.2 million to help homeowners reset their mortgages at today's lower rate and provide counseling and legal services for homeowners. more than 10,000 homes were foreclosed on in oakland. the city council is expected to vote on this man next tuesday. the federal government is suing san francisco based wells fargo. the feds accuse the -- in order to get federal loan insurance. the government is hoping to recoop hundreds of millions of the dollars of federal housing
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administration paid out after borrowers defaulted. wells fargo deny it is allegation. this is the fifth bank to face the allegations. wall street numbers fell. the dow lost 110 points, nasdaq fell 47. heated in large part by silican valley chip making giant intel. the price of gas hit an all time high. in san francisco aaa reports the average gas of a gallon of regular costs $4.74. that's up a fraction from yesterday. in san jose that same gallon costs $4.67. prices in oakland fell to $4.68 a gallon. a teen accused of the theft
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of a celebrity car. wade is accused of stealing a yellow lamborghini that belonged to guy fierri and in a break out attempt in juvenile hall where he was being held until his 18th birthday. fire investigators say that nearly eight fires in just two weeks may be related. the latest fire burned manor lane in west san jose last night. the fire captain says at least eight similar fires have burned in that area. none of the fires have spread to buildings but fire investigators say they are still concerned. at this point there are no suspects. an out of control suv leaves two people hospitalized in contra costa county. >> prosecutors called it nothing short than ridiculous. the comment uttered by jerry sandusky prior to his sentencing. >> for most another nice day in the forecast for your
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wednesday. for some a slight chance for rain. i will have the forecast for your area coming up.
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a quick thinking crossing guard in the east bay today pushed her own child out of harm's way to keep from getting hit from what officers call as a speeding suv. school crossing guard kennedy was air lifted to john mere hospital along with a parent who was also injured. both were reported in critical condition. one of the people in the suv is in custody. antioch police say they are searching for another man they believe is a driver. today's crash has reignited concern about pedestrian safety. our sal castaneda looks closer at the statistics and looks at the real danger to pedestrians.
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>> reporter: this morning's near crash that sent three pedestrians to the hospital isn't as rare as you might think. in a county of about a million people, 300 pedestrians were killed by motorcycle or vehicle in 2010. that number is down since 2006. that's still about four people hit or killed a week on average. those numbers seem to surprise some we spoke to. including lima who says she's become a defensive walker. >> i watch all the time. there's someone hitting all the time. >> reporter: paints lines, sidewalks everyone added enforcement isn't enough to keep from danger while crossing the street. safety experts say improvements in driver awareness, better signage and more enforcement do help to a point but walkers need to take responsibility for their own safety they say areas near freeway onramps are
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especially dangerous as cars ramp up the speed. >> just like when you drive around the school you watch for kids. when you see people texting you watch for them. >> reporter: experts say the key for pedestrians is never to assume the driver will see you or even stop. if in doubt, wait until it's safe. sal castaneda, ktvu news. the father of an 8-year-old boy is in custody after his son went joyriding in the family car. it happened around 10:30 last night in newark at a motel six. the oakland tribute reports the boy grabbed the car keys as his parents were asleep and tried to take off but instead he hit the side of the motel. officers discovered a warrant for the father and arrested him. oakland police say they are still in the look out for a third suspect in a robbery outside of the b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. police along with oakland
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police arrested two juvenile suspects and confiscated a firearm. a third suspect is still at large. >> social media twitter is considering a share video system. twitter would have more control on how its users make posts. news comes from all things feed. the death toll has risen to 11 in the national meningitis outbreak. at least 17 people have gotten sick. health officials say an estimated 13,000 people in 23 states may have been exposed. 600 patients here in california were treated with the shots but so far none of them has reported getting sick. and none of those patients is in the bay area. a one time graduate from uc berkeley won the noble prize in physics. 68-year-old david wyland and serge frank both won the award.
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working separately they're credited for discovering living particles while maintaining its properties. he's now a physicist who teaches at the university of colorado in boulder. convicted sexual predator and former penn state football coach jerry sandusky learned today he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. as david lee miller reports even after all this time, sandusky insists he did nothing wrong. >> reporter: convicted pedophile jerry sandusky leaving court facing the next three decades behind bars. the judge sentenced sandusky to 30 years in prison. >> we're busy drafting our appeals right now. >> jerry never flinched from his position that he was innocent and that he wanted the opportunity to prove his innocence. >> reporter: sandusky once again denied any wrong doing. the prosecution had no sympathy
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for sandusky calling his statement a masterpiece of self- dilution. >> completely untetered from reality. it was entirely self-focused as if he again were the victim. >> it was in short ridiculous. >> reporter: several of the victims who testified during the trial giving victim impact statements. describing how the traumatic experience has changed their lives. >> the victims statements were a bitter reminder of the defendant's brutal crime where no reminder was needed. >> reporter: some of the attacks happening inside penn state facilities. the university president released a statement after the sentence was announced saying quote, while today's sentence cannot erase what has happened, hopefully it will provide comfort to those affected by these horrible events. at least four young men are suing penn state over the way
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the university reacted to complaints. the university has indicated it will try to resolve these claims by as soon as the end of the year. david lee miller. a new survey finds an increasing amount of americans are losing faith. 53% identified as protestants that's down by 25% in 2011. coming up how soon you might see snoopy and the gang back on the silver screen. and temperatures may continue to drop, but not for long. rosemary orozco is already looking for a warm up for the weekend. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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daredevil felix baumgartner postponed his try to be the first man to fall at supersonic speeds. strong winds caused the cancellation of the drop.
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the delicate balloon can only take flight in winds less than 2 miles per hour. >> another good looking day. for most of us impossible to tell that we are had rainfalling just offshore. a few sprinkles right along the coastline this morning and that was really about it. the temperatures now slipping back into the low 60s. if i back it up just a little bit. you will be able to see that just offshore we have a little bit of rain. it's hard to tell. i can't get it past this point here. but it's just about 40 miles offshore. it continues to move south. and so for tomorrow, we'll continue sort of the same pattern. a mix of sunshine and clouds and we will see that slight possibility of some rain. but because this is moving a little bit south and east. it will be the southern half of the bay area that will get that possibility. i want to show you what happens here. picking it up in the overnight hours. we have mostly cloudy skies over the bay area. it takes us until tomorrow
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afternoon until we really begin to see it pop up around san jose, down into morgan hill. maybe gilroy over the santa cruz mountains you can see it here. into the afternoon it will continue as again the system continues to slide to the south and to the east. for most of us another round of pleasant weather. but for some of us perhaps a few scattered showers in the forecast for your wednesday. we'll be tracking that for you later tonight and tomorrow morning. giving you a look at what you can expect as we start the day it will be another cool one. with areas of patchy fog, 45 degrees expected in santa rosa. 46 in napa. 49 san rafael. 49 vallejo. widespread and mid-50s across the bay. 53 for mountain view. 50degrees for san jose. 50degrees in antioch. your afternoon highs, a lot like today which happen to be a few degrees along the seasonal norm. 74 santa rosa for tomorrow. 79 expected in oakland.
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73 for danville. 71 this is the area where we could see partly to mostly cloudy skies and perhaps a few sprinkles. 70degrees redwood city. 66 expected in san francisco. low too mid-50s at the coast. there is your extended forecast numbers won't change a whole lot but as we get close tore the weekend notice we do finally begin to see a warm up. low 80s for the inlands areas. low to mid-50s expected along the coast. gasia. >> looks like one of america's most popular cartoon kids will soon have a spot on the big screen. this will be the fourth time the peanuts gang has been featured in the silver screen. and will mark 65 years since the comic strip debuted. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues tonight.
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and we'll let you know the outcome of tonight's meeting regarding suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. tmz is next right here on tv 36.
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